If you are planning to submit an application for one of the Alma Hunt Offering for Virginia Missions grants, please read the following. 

Our overall desire is that these funds will allow churches to bless people in their communities with some sort of small assistance. 

First, we strongly encourage congregations to consider matching these grants with funds from their own budgets. This shared responsibility will benefit everyone involved and increase the impact of the grant to the communities.

Second, please be aware that some of these grants may ask for more information after this application form is submitted, thus it is vital to ensure the contact information is correct.  This will assist us in making proper decisions with the distribution of funds.

Lastly, a few of these allocations require some further explanation as well as some research work prior to applying.

Childcare Grants for Church Child Development Centers (CDCs)

This grant is designed to provide funds to BGAV churches that have ongoing Child Development Centers in order to provide scholarships to parents who must work but find themselves unable to pay for childcare.

Please consider the following:

    • Has the church or child care center established a process to determine which family or families might receive a scholarship? The process does not need to cumbersome or complicated but should include at least two people in the decision-making process to provide balance and to protect any individual from accusations of favoritism or unfairness. 
    • In what ways has the family’s need been heightened by the current pandemic? Usually the pastor and the director of the child care ministry are aware of the families that are in need and this can aid in understanding any underlying circumstances.
    • This grant is intended to be offered as a scholarship to a family in the community. The funds do not need to be given directly to a family but can simply be offered as a credit to that families account with the child care center.  Remember, these funds cannot be used for salaries, supplies, utilities, or other matters that benefit the church or child care center.
Online Access for Students

This grant is designed to provide funds to churches to assist them with offering WiFi internet connections to the community so that students may participate in school online.

Please consider the following:

    • Most school systems have a plan in place to assist students that have a need for internet access. It is vital that the church first speak with the local school board to determine a) does the need for assistance actually exist, b) if a need exists that the school system cannot meet, where is the geographic location of this need and can the church assist, c) what is the best method to provide internet access to these students? and, d) has the school system worked out any special prices for equipment or services?
    • Will your plan run counter to the plans of the school system? For example, if the school system has determined that it is not safe to gather in their buildings for school, would it be wise for you to offer for students to meet in your building to access the internet?  Will a parking lot work?  Do you need to provide internet to individual families?

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