Through the V3 Movement, BGAV is actively involved in planting churches. Some of the funds from the Alma Hunt State Missions Offering go directly to these efforts as they reach new people and communities with the life-changing love of Jesus Christ.

Mike Pumphrey, V3’s Mid-Atlantic Coordinator, shares the following story:

David Heim is in our year 1 Cohort located in Los Angeles, CA. The Cohort has blown his mind! He is brand new to church planting, and he recently saw people baptized to follow Jesus.  

One of those was Arley. He was in a gang years ago but got out of that for his kids. He was really struggling through life and thought God was worth a try, but he had no idea how to have a relationship with God. He lived in low-income housing next door to the elementary school where church met, and they (Arley, his girlfriend, and kids) came by and were welcomed for the first time in a church. They stuck around. Now Arley is growing in his relationship with God and turning his life around. Your gifts make stories like this possible!