Ministry might look different on the mountain during a global pandemic, but God still moves in incredible ways. At CrossRoads Adventure Days, guests experienced outdoor activities and meals, worship, and safely distanced community. This time of rejuvenation and reconnection was especially meaningful for families who desired a spiritually nurturing experience for their children in an environment with Covid-19-safe practices. 

One mother shares,  

We heard testimonies from several counselors, and it was amazing how God spoke through them. The topics of their devotions and testimonies aligned with conversations that my daughter, Abbie, and I had on the way to the mountain. Abbie commented on how cool it was that “we were just talking about that!” She found comfort that other young adults had been through similar situations. I noticed how Abbie looked at the counselors with admiration, and I was thankful that there were so many young adults there ready to share the love of Christ with others and possibly become a future role model for my daughter. 

– Jessie Keller 

God uses camping ministry to shape the faith of young adults, youth, and children. The methods may adapt, but the mission remains the same!  

Pray that Virginia Baptist camps will be creative in nurturing children and students for Christ.