In 2018, Virginia Baptists began a partnership on the Eastern Shore of Virginia with Cape Charles Baptist and other local churches. The relationship grew out of Impact Mission Camps and gave churches an opportunity to support ministries on the Eastern Shore. One ministry that we support is SPLASH Camp, which had been providing childcare for families during the summer for several years. After the first year of Impact, we saw the number of homes repaired double, and the church was able to expand SPLASH camp to a second site. The Covid pandemic prevented Impact and SPLASH camp from happening in person in 2020, but for 2021, Cape Charles Baptist in partnership with several BGAV churches can offer SPLASH camp again. 

SPLASH camp includes six elements: Spiritual Growth, Praise and Worship, Lessons About the Lord, Awesome Activities, Swimming, and Hands-On Activities. Surprisingly to some, in Northampton County (a waterfront community), the majority of children are unable to swim. Community members voiced this concern at a meeting of churches and community partners led by Virginia Baptists in 2019. After that, tremendous support grew for a YMCA, which opened in May 2021. Passion grew out of a few conversations about how churches, community partners, and volunteers could work together to make their community a better place. The Alma Hunt funds that support ministry on the Eastern Shore are helping Cape Charles Baptist and others continue to innovate in these ways.