For many people, the idea of travel and work is not a freedom but a right. For many families who have come to the United States in pursuit of opportunity, work, and even freedom of religion, they see it as a privilege.
We can better understand this dynamic when we learn the stories of refugees. Burmese minister and WMUV Board Member, Roi Ji Marip, has led many Burmese refugees to Christ through the ministry in Harrisonburg. She requests your prayers for refugee, Aung La Htun, and his four children and grandson. While they face trial and tribulations every day, their story is also one of hope and purpose.
Living in a Thailand refugee camp for 16 years, on August 23, 2018, Aung La Htun was granted refugee status to America. When he first moved, he had difficulties in finding a job because he couldn’t speak English and was not afforded an education while living at the camp. Roi Ji helped Aung walk through the early days of the integration process. Aung found work and eventually brought his family to America. Roi Ji’s church supported Aung’s family and now they are diligent churchgoers. Aung’s family members continue to hear about Jesus. Please pray that Aung and his family, like so many other refugee families in Harrisonburg before him, will make the decision to follow Jesus.