When my wife, Jenny, and I made the decision together as one to plant South Ridge Church in Fredericksburg, VA, in mid-2016, we knew there was no turning back on what we believed was a call from God.

Over the course of opening our home to vision gatherings, we have seen people commit to partnering with us whom I would never have expected. To show that we as 16 adults were together as one, some uprooted themselves and moved to our area to be part of our church.

As we launched our church, laser-focused with a mission of leading people in a growing relationship with Jesus, we knew that we had to be together as one as we built our unique culture. Our commitment to be together as one allowed for diversity of thought, experience, and spiritual gifts without the egos.

Nine months into our launch, a handful families moved on. This left our very young church with about 50 people. Together as one…we believed that God would see us through this very painful pruning. Then over the course of nine months, God has allowed us to experience growth in seeing an additional 20 new families become a part of South Ridge Church.

Together as one, people are taking steps of engagement as they connect, serve, invite, and give. For us, together as one looks more like unity than unison.