All in Jesus’ name—hand in hand and heart to heart—we build relationships and trust with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of The Dakotas through loving kindness, listening ears, and words of encouragement. We do this together as one.

Diane Korman, a ministry site leader, made her tenth trek to South Dakota this summer. Diane shares, “The transformation I have seen and experienced has been truly amazing. In my first year, we were greeted with curious, guarded looks; we are now greeted with open arms, hugs, big smiles, and tears. Children ask me for Bibles for their mothers, and adults ask me to write my name and favorite verses in their new Bibles. One woman told me I was her saving grace. I prayed with her, hugged her, and told her I loved her. A grandmother shared with me how they experience much joy through these relationships. I stay in touch with many from Little Eagle throughout the year.”

Full-time minister on site, Pastor Buford “Boots” Marsh, sends his greetings and thanks to WMUV for coming. He says, “For over 10 years you have extended a gospel witness to our people. The future is full of hope as you continue to pray, give, and come. The seeds sown are still growing; many have received Jesus as Savior and Lord. Pray for a breakthrough for further discipleship.”