Lifting Communities out of Poverty

BGAV has entered into a long-term community development strategy focused on lifting communities out of extreme poverty. This new partnership will be focused in the Chinandega region of Nicaragua with an organization new to us–Food for the Hungry (FH). This long-term (7-10 year) endeavor will seek to build relationships in

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S~P~A: Missions and Racial Reconciliation 

The Black Lives Matter Movement ushered in the call for a renewed commitment to do the work of racial reconciliation. WMUV’s response was the creation of a process called S~P~A: Share, Pray, Act. Women are brought together to share stories, to pray for unity, and to develop mission action plans.

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CrossRoads during Covid-19

Ministry might look different on the mountain during a global pandemic, but God still moves in incredible ways. At CrossRoads Adventure Days, guests experienced outdoor activities and meals, worship, and safely distanced community. This time of rejuvenation and reconnection was especially meaningful for families who desired a spiritually nurturing experience

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Crisis Care at Standing Rock  

In the more than 50 years Virginia Baptists have been active in Disaster Response (DR), we’ve learned a lot about the long-term effects of a disaster. One year after a hurricane, 60% of pastors had moved away. Physical needs were being met, but most everyone put their emotional and spiritual trauma on

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Kenya Medical Missions

In March 2020, Dr. Lynne Stockman led the first mission trip of a three-year partnership to Mully Children’s Family (MCF) in Kenya to provide medical care to children in need and the surrounding community. The team provided care to over 2,200 patients in five days, some of who had walked

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